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New web site launched
Gagliano web design has been relaunched and now runs with the content management system Typo3.


Welcome to Gagliano web design, your partner for professional web sites! We have several years of programming experience and focus all our passion into the building of web sites.

Our profound knowlegde of the newest web technologies enable us to be fast, effective and affordable at the same time. We know about the do's and the dont's in web design and produce technically flawless and visually appealing web sites.

Our content management system of choice is Typo3, which is extremely flexible and extensible. We think of it as the best choice to implement a professional internet presence.

No matter what your wish may be, no matter how complex your demands are, we are prepared to meet your expectations. Please have a look to see what we offer, what technology we use and what drives us.

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Last update: 30.01.2008